GoI E-Gov Policy – Open Standards or Open Source?

The Government of India (GoI) has been lately revising a Draft Policy on E-Governance – which is all well and good. However, a number of clauses in this are quite concerning – especially the ambiguity and general mix-up between what is called “Open Standards” and “Open Source”.


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Loading Child Table Data in SilverLight & RIA Services

I’m currently working with the .NET RIA Services SDK with Silverlight 3 for getting and modifying data from the server using LINQ. Now there are a ton of samples and blog posts available that show you how to work with data from the server. However, one thing in common with all these posts is that they usually work with only one table at a time. What if you want to show the result of a join on the table? This is where a relatively unknown feature called the IncludeAttribute comes in. Let’s take an example for this to explain it in detail.


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Windows 7 – Released To Manufacturing

After a long wait and a couple of false positives, Windows 7 has finally hit RTM. Windows 7 is the biggest and most important release of Windows from Microsoft and has a huge number of new features – for users, IT administrators and developers – that allows maximum productivity.

I do know there are a lot of people out there who are still “happy” with Windows XP and hated Windows Vista (although I liked quite Vista since it ran well on my machine, till I worked with Windows 7). But this is the right time to start moving to the new OS. If your business is dependent upon technology (and whose isn’t these days), can you afford not to upgrade to the latest as soon as possible. I do realize that most corporates have a wait-and-watch policy towards any new technology, but you can wait till your competition upgrades and gains productivity while you still struggle along with an older technology. You can also read a nice post about this very thing here.

So when can you get your hands on Windows 7? Well, if you’re a MS partner, MSDN or Technet subscriber, you can get it as early as August 6! You can also read about the other dates of availability here. If you’re a consumer you can pick it off the shelves on October 22 (which itself has a digit-sum of 7 [2+2+1+0+2+0+0+9 = 1+6 = 7])!

Here’s looking forward to installing the RTM!

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SilverLight 3.0 Out of Browser Mini Tutorial

SilverLight 3.0 has just been released to the web. And there is now an even more important reason to start using this great technology – running apps written for the browser can now be run as a standalone application from the user’s desktop as well. This post takes a detailed look at how you can start using this new feature. More...

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Virtual Desktops on Windows 7

One of the things that I miss on Windows over Linux is the built-in ability to have multiple desktops. This is really useful feature that allows you to organize your application windows in different desktops for different types of work. For instance, you can go ahead and keep all your mail and IM windows on one desktop, your current work on another, your downloads on yet another and so on. The best part is that there are many programs for adding this feature to Windows as well.

I’ve been using a free application called VirtuaWin for many, many years now. It’s only recently after moving to Windows 7 M1 that I VWstopped as it did not support the new taskbar functionality yet and would give problems. The great news is that the latest release of VirtuaWin now finally supports Windows 7 as well!

I installed the VirtuaWin 4.1 Beta 2 on my Windows 7 RC machine. Not only does it recognize the new taskbar, it also works perfectly in it. The only issue you might have is the default settings to use the [Windows] key of your keyboard as hotkeys in the application. You will need to change this by going to the application’s icon in the notification area and selecting “Setup”.

Make sure that you modify each of the hotkeys to turn OFF the “Win” key option. This will enable you to use the hotkeys without conflicting with the built-in Windows 7 shortcuts.

If you like managing your windows even more than the defaults that you get in Windows 7, VirtuaWin is a great addition to your power user tools. Get it today to be able to add the ability of multiple desktops.

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